Vibrant Nights and Day at Gandhinagar

Gandhinagar cityHello Gandhinagar,

Here in Gandhinagar when winter is increasing its grip and temperatures are going down drastically, the green city has become host to an amazing carnival kind of Environment. On the one side, all the slums and લારી-ગલ્લા so called દબાણ (illegal construction ) are removed on the other hand city has never looked so clean and full of light for almost months now.

Talking about the beauty, Gandhinagar Diaries the official website of Gandhinagar city. Brings to you some more pictures of eye catching city in the nights. Photos are send by Gandhinagar lovers and citizens like you. So if you have anything you can share it too with us on our Facebook Page of Gandhinagar

Photo courtesy Ujjvalsinh Bihola AND Vishal Barot and some citizens of Gandhinagar. Special thanks to also for the pictures

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