MEENA BAZAAR REALITY  is collection of some amazing photos by SAUMYA JOSHI PHOTOGRAPHY and her visit to the local yet famous market of Gandhinagar famously known as MEENA BAZAAR.

This young photographer has a eye to capture amazing thing known reality!!! Reality of the facts, situation and places which is very rare in a photographer!!!

Hope you like this and please visit facebook and like her page too!!!

Meena bazar gandhinagar meena bazar reality meena bazar miina bajar mina bazaar mina bazar minaa bazar people at meena bazar shop at meena bazaar shops at meena bazaar

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4 Responses to MEENA BAZAAR REALITY!!!

  1. Bhushan Pandya says:

    Beautiful images by Saumya!

  2. solanki jagmal says:

    very nice “MEENA BAZAAR REALITY!!!”, buck up.. it will create our creatvity…. i like it..

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