Incredible Insensible India

‘Incredible insensible India’

People protest but who cares, people in power selflessly tried & trying to keep demslvs away from the incident that shocked each one of us.

We were taught since childhood that we live in a so called DEMOCRATIC country, where I feel it’s just a DEMOnstration of being DEMOCRATIC that’s it nothng beyond dat.

आज क्या हम कम गुलाम है ??? ! d party who wins RULEs. It’s all a matter of ruling their way.. And here I mean all the Parties, no single Party is Targetted. “ Stop being selfish when you take an oath to serve the nation”.Democracy in india

My msg to all :We believe more in ‘being human’ than ‘human being’ try to understand the fact and act accordingly.

Guest author

Vikas Chaudhary

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4 Responses to Incredible Insensible India

  1. R R Srikanth says:

    Democracy turned to DEMONOcracy in india… india ruling party dint win this time congress vote sharing is some where more than 38 it mena tha 62 % rejected congress majorty people rejected still ruling…..

    • champ says:

      @Mr Srikanth So damn True. But its not about the parties, its about what choice we made. And go out and be people who can make the change rather than waiting for someone to do it for us

  2. sherylin franklin says:

    i AM very saD to hear abt Damini…….a girl like every other girl who dreamt of becoming something in life nd having a lovely family….who wanted to live …wanted to live life to the fullest …….but an evil eye on just flew in and shattered her dreams and her wish to live………..but i m sure she would be living a peaceful life in a fantastic place called “heaven”. May her soul rest in peace .

  3. Vikas Chaudhary says:

    dts y its DRAMA of DEMOCRACY !! i agree sme or odr way we r responible fr dis bt wt i am tryng to share is that the the thing that hppnd its brutal murder we cn say the whole world is laughing on INDIA nt jst bcz of the gang rape bt also bcz of the politics involved in it aftr d incident — even the ruling part had no guts to come out in frnt of crowd nd address them on the 1st day of protest … the so called yuva neta was idle that time too

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