Gandhinagar RTO gets sensor based model

GANDHINAGAR RTO implements sensor based model and also becomes the first in the state to improve traffic rules and regulations in Gandhinagar.

Finally we will see some trained drivers on the road and Getting a driving licence will no more be a “નાની માના ખેલ ” for a youngster or in that matter anyone, who till now cleared a simple driving test and walked home with the licence. Then driving rashly on the roads. No more. The compulsory automated test which entails clearing various obstacles that mirror on-road situations will soon be a reality at all the regional transport offices in the state. Gandhinagar Regional Transport Office (RTO),  located in sector 3 Gandhinagar will be the first one to implement it, by coming week.
Transport Minister Nitin Patel has given green signal for the Automated Driving Test track at Gandhinagar RTO after inspecting it last week. An expert committee formed by the government had prepared the track as per specified parameters in a short time.
Driving skills of the licence seeker will be put to test on this track. The track equipped with electronic sensors will help in providing an on-the-spot grading of the driver’s skill, knowledge, besides recording his movements. The control room will assess all the movements of the driver, analyse it and give its verdict. It would be an accurate analysis and the entire process will over once the person completes the circuit.
Youngster who pass through the strict test are more likely to drive carefully as getting a licence will test their skill and patience, but also teach them control.
It is believed to reduce the chances of malpractice as everything will be on record and no one can get away. This initial arrangement is only for Light vehicles and further will be extended to Heavy vehicles and three wheelers.
If a driver scores the minimum required marks, the applicant will qualify for an online test where he or she will have to answer questions pertaining to road signals and safety, Nitin Patel added.
The tracks for two-wheelers and four wheelers will have more than 125 sensors. The drivers will have to navigate through a slope, a bridge, the English number 8, learn to drive in a circle, to park, reverse and overcome speed breakers. The result will be out immediately after the test. If a person scores less than 70 per cent in the practical test, he/she will stand disqualified. The driver can apply again for licence.



» No electronic tracking
» No CCTV footage for post-checking.
» RTO inspector monitors and clears driver
» Driver cannot see his record
» Manual process can delay the licence.
» No time recorded for the vehicles
» Most drivers get licence after field test
» There are chance of malpractice
» Maximum accidents due to unqualified drivers.
» All and sundry driving classes will go out
» Sensors will track every movement » CCTV cameras monitor driver’s
skills. » CCTV cameras monitor driver’s
skills. » Driver can ask to see post-test » Result will be given immediately after test » Entry and exit times recorded » One who gets less than 70% score
will be disqualified » Reduces the chances of malpractice, bribe » Accidents will be reduced » Only those who follow the new model will come in.

Images courtesy Ahmedabad Mirror

Demo of Gandhinagar RTO Track

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