Gandhinagar Municipal corporation and Councillors

When election season is on, and is heating up the capital this winter. Here is look at the last election contested in Capital. And that was Gandhinagar municipal corporation election. Though Gandhinagar Mayor and 2 others have changed the party but this is when they didn’t switch. Of the 33 seat in Gandhinagar municipal corporation (GMC), the Congress had a strength 18 while the BJP had 15 Councillors  With the defection, the BJP may informally claim a clear majority. However, the suspension will push the GMC into a strange situation after elections are over in December. BJP is now bound to lead the general board meeting, while the standing committee of the GMC – which is the main policy-making elected body, is still with the Congress.

In addition, the three defected Congress corporators are yet to be disqualified from the municipal corporation as they have to formally refuse to follow Congress mandate in the general board. “Since the election code of conduct is in force no such proceedings or the general board is in session and no disqualification procedure would be carried out till December 20,” says a Congress leader.

Gandhinagar has been traditionally a Congress bastion. However local MLA and MP are from BJP, because Assembly and Parliament constituency enjoys larger area other than Gandhinagar town in its bound. If we look at the core Gandhiangar Municipal Corporation area, even Advani and Vajpayee had not received majority in this particular geographical area in past. Gandhinagar district panchayat is ruled by Congress party.

Wards and winners( 3 seat in each ward)
Ward 1 BJP all seats
Ward 2 Congress all seats
Ward 3 Congress all seats (Now due to change all 3 to BJP)
Ward 4 Congress all seats
Ward 5 BJP all seats
Ward 6 Congress all seats
Ward 7 Congress 2, BJP 1
Ward 8 Congress all seats
Ward 9 BJP 2 and Congress 1
Ward 10 BJP all seats
ward 11 BJP all seats

Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation:


List of all the members with their designation in Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation and their respective wards.


Mahendrasinh Manubha Rana Mayor 9824699999 3 KH-16, Sector 19, Gandhinagar
Yusufbhai Imambhai Parmar Deputy Mayor 9426003666 2 Plot No 668/1, Sector 29, Gandhinagar
Pravinbhai Dahyabhai Patel Chairman 9426171394 4 Plot no 357/2, Sector 22, Gandhinagar
Chimanbhai Madhabhai Vinjhuda Minister 9904037951 6 16/191, Gujarat Housing Board, M.I.G, Sector-14, Gandhinagar
Hasmukhkumar Jugaji Makwana Minister 9426181545 8 Vaniyavaas, Indroda, Gandhinagar
Bhavanaba Karmadevsinh Vaghela Speaker 9979193794 4 Plot No 744/A, Vastunirman Society, Sector 22, Gandhinagar
Pinkiben Rajnikant Patel Minister 9427554308 7 Plot No 331/2, Sector 12-C, Gandhinagar.
Ashvinkumar Kantilal Vyas Speaker 9825039049 4 Block No-17/1, GH Type, Sector 22, Gandhinagar.
Shailendrasinh Bhikhubhai Bihola Corporator 9824448448 8 Near Ramji Temple, Palaj, Gandhinagar
Namdevbhai Kamjibhai Varsaat Corporator 9898204244 9 Plot No 356/2, Sector 7-A, Gandhinagar
Meenaben Kanaiyalal Vaghela Corporator 9714297902 6 Plot No 649/2, Vastunirman Society, Sector 22, Gandhinagar.
Bhavnaba Lalsinh Chavda Corporator 9913377170 2 Opp. D.S.P Office, Aadiwada, Gandhinagar
Harshjitbhai Hasmukhbhai Pandya Corporator 9974444144 2 4/5, Geetanjali Apartment, Plot no 4, Sector 28, Gandhinagar
Subhashbhai Lakshmanbhai Pandav Corporator 9904159123 3 Block No:- 18/1, Type-4, G.E.B. Colony, Gandhinagar
Jitubhai Lakshmanbhai Rayka Corporator 9924214800 6 Plot No-471/2, Sector 4B, Gandhinagar.
Ashokbhai Ranchhodbhai Shrimali Corporator 9714100873 7 Plot No-9/151, Pushpak Apartments, Sector 13-B, Gandhinagar
Hansaben Kantilal Modi Corporator 9537390379 3 E-31/1, G.E.B. Colony, Gandhinagar
Ranjanben Dineshji Khaant Corporator 9879308511 8 Khant Vaas, Borij
Manubhai Bheekhabhai Patel Opp. Minister 9426359514 11 Plot No- 1495/1, Sector 2/B, Gandhinagar.
Jagrutiben Maheshkumar Purohit Corporator 9429611396 1 Plot No 666/1, Kisaan Nagar, Sector 26, Gandhinagar
Devendrasinh Chandansinh Chavda Corporator 9825022006 1 C-3, Freen City, Sector 26, Gandhinagar.
Sandip Priyadarshi Jyotikar Corporator 9426325859 5 Plot 779, Adarshnagar, Sector 24, Gandhinagar.
Sureshbhai Natwarlal Mehta Corporator 9825438465 5 Plot No-182, Sahakar Colony, Gujarat Housing Board, Sector 25, Gandhinagar
Govindbhai Somabhai Parmar Corporator 9925702745 7 9/157, Pushpak Apartment, Sector 13, Gandhinagar.
Darshnaben Jethabhai Adalja Corporator 9624042290 9 Plot No 196/1, Sector 4-A, Gandhinagar.
Kartikbhai Purshottamdas Patel Corporator 9825721999 9 Plot No 1219/2, Sector 7-D, Gandhinagar.
Paragiben Killolbhai Pandya Corporator 9408143659 10 Plot No 1332/1, Sector 5-A, Gandhinagar.
Rakeshkumar Manilal Patel Corporator 9099925603 10 Plot No 981/1, Sector 5-C, Gandhinagar.
Shankarbhai Babubhai Chaudhary Corporator 9824047547 10 Plot No- 686/2, Sector 3-C, Gandhinagar.
Ramilaben Nareshkumar Parmar Corporator 9427318905 11 Plot No-373/2, Sector 2-B, Gandhinagar.
Ashishkumar Narendrabhai Dave Corporator 9825191763 11 Plot No-311, Sector 1-C, Gandhinagar.
Prakashbhai Rambhai Patel Corporator 9723810881 1 Plot no 674/2, Sector 23, Gandhinagar.
Pravinaben Kanubhai Darji Corporator 9825332918 5 118, Harsiddh Nagar, Sector 24, Gandhinagar.

Here is the list of all the councilors of Gandhinagar municipal corporation, their addresses and contact number.

Important Highlights of the elections

-Gandhinagar is like a government colony, and it has major population of government employees. It is believed that government employees are not happy with the government, and that has reflected in results.

-Gandhinagar has negligible Muslim population.

Now this election only shows, you should choose the right people at right place and not get into their false commitments. Choose the people who are interested and capable to play a vital role in development of the state and not those who give 100 rupees, a chicken tikka and false promises. If you think Gujarat has seriously developed then go with current Government, if you doubt then go with Congress. My funny take suggests a combined rule. So nobody can cheat and all have to


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  1. Respected Sir,

    We are having real estate company & we are going to open 5 star club, spa & resort on pethapur-mahudi highway with Radisson Brand. If any inquiry for that please contact me on 919978966611,9638800707.

    Satyam Panchal

  2. V.D.Patel. says:

    One dog dead body is near my house I Phone to Sector 28 GMC Office ph no is 23212519 at least 4 time in a day but no one is ready to solve our problem.We pay heavy property tax but corporation people is not interested to solve cleaning and removing dog dead body. this is very same for developing city like Gandhinagar. My adress is 320/A sector-23.Please give me replay of this Mail.

    • champ says:

      Mr patel, We can understand your problem. But We are citizens of Gandhinagar running this Site. We have published this list of Corporaters and their details where you can inform them for improper work in your area.

      • Mr s m joshi says:

        Hello this is a superb initiative by you i have a house in sector 21 i dont come here often can u help me by getting the details of the corporator of this area my house is precisely in panchsheel park

  3. M R Goplani says:

    It is so shocking to note that there is a body like Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation? As a citizens of Gandhinagar, we have not seen any of the civiv function being performed by them. I am a resident of Sector No. 3D where there is a serious problem of stray cows roaming in the ground making the ground dirty with shits. The cows have caused serious accidents by hitting many senior people and old ladies so much so that they had to be taken to hospitals. I fail to understand why the GMC is not able to remove the cows from this area and other places in Gandhinagar? What prevents them from performing their basic duties like this? I notice in the morning while walking on the footpaths of Gandhinagar that all the footpaths are full of Cows shits and dirty and unfit for walking. Who cleans them?? This is so shocking that GMC is helpless against cows in Gandhinagar. Will they realise their basic duty after all??

  4. M R Goplani says:

    I believe that this is a site run by the some senior citizens. I wish to have the details contact details of Gandhinagar Muncipal Commissioer like his email id, fax number and contact telephone numbers of all the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation office. Will you please help me with? Thanks

  5. Avinash C Gupta says:

    It is all hotch poch in GMC, they are sending wrong property tax bill, they charged for duplex from me for 11-12 and 12-13 as well charged higher for more than 20 years old building, they asked me to pay lasy tear with the promise that they will give the credit next year but still this year I got the wrong bill, when we visit GMC office, no body know as how to rectify.
    I think it is mistake to have GMC with out preperation.

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