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“મારે પણ મારા બાળક ને શિક્ષિત કરવુ છે” આ અવાજ હતો મોંઘવારી મા શેરડી ની જેમ પીસાઇ ને કુંચા બની રહેલ ગરીબનો..!! “મારે પણ મારી દીકરી ને દુર દુર કોલેજ મા ઉચ્ચઅભ્યાસ માટે મુકવી છે” આ અવાજ હતો ડરી રહેલા એ બાપ નો કે એની મજબુરી એને પોતાને નોહતી સમજાતી


Hello Gandhinagar and Gandhinagarians, Its been a while since we had a article. But this blog post is very important. As this post is about Election 2014. As we all know 30TH April 2014, is one of the important days for future of not only a city, a state but … Continue reading


Dear Friends, Here I mention Animal Help Line No. with having Govt Doctor’s Team & Jalaram seva Mandal for Helping Animal of Gandhinagar. please call at that number and take other detail for any more animal helpline number and contacts, Take number of Animal Help Range Forrest officer, Officer of … Continue reading

MUN – The Model United Nations

MUN.. You must be wondering what is MUN, why are we suddenly talking about MUN?? Well, MUN is Model United Nations. It is also known as Model UN. It is a conference similar to the United Nations, where students participate as delegates to the various UN Committees.

Gandhinagar as seen by its lovely citizens

ઘણા એવા લોકો ની માન્યતા છે કે ગાંધીનગર એ ૧૦ થી ૬ વચ્ચે રમતું શહેર છે…!!!! આજે મેં એ શહેર ને તથા એ શહેર ની સવાર ને પારખી..!!! ગાંધીનગર એ ઘ-૦ થી ઘ-૭ વચ્ચે રમતું શહેર..!!


Hello Gnagarians, We are back with this Guess this place image. This one is courtesy VISHAL BAROT PHOTOGRAPHY

IITGn New campus a eco-friendly one

As per the Information available through leading news paper of DNA Group. The newly formed campus of IITGn i.e. INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY near Palaj village on the banks of Sabarmati river in Gandhinagar will give a feel of the old city’s pols. The eco-friendly college grounds will be spread … Continue reading


We the proud citizens of Gandhinagar felt the urge to return something to the city by creating a non profit first of it’s kind blog which will cover the events , places , people , issues and more . It is among the first and foremost online blog where the people can contribute through articles, news , events or any other insights and create a fresh wave of thoughts. And in this growing world of social networking sites like facebook and twitter GandhinagarDiaries will emerge as the best place to visit online to know about any major thing happening in the “GREEN CITY “.

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